“We are experts in providing solutions, with tailored services that meet the current and future needs of our clients”


Our work philosophy and the success of our activity is based on continuous adaptation to the market situation and close cooperation with our clients, by placing our know-how at their disposal.

Our principal objective is to constantly improve our client process management system and the behaviour of our inks in digital printing.

Being the ultimate goal of helping the customer in the new challenges posed by the packaging industry, QUIMOVIL mission goes beyond design, manufacturing and marketing.

Technical Assistance:


“Tell us what you need and we’ll find the solution together”

The Technical Assistance that QUIMOVIL offers its clients is divided into different levels of activity:

  • Customer Service Laboratory: The laboratory offers direct service to our clients, cooperating with them in resolving their day-to-day problems, and in particular, those related to colour.
  • Technical assistance in R&D projects:As an inseparable part of the R&D procedure, technical assistance is provided in adjusting and adapting products to the needs of each client and their printing processes.
  • Technical assistance related to client requests, incidents or complaints:Our Technical-Sales Department routes the solution of the potential problem to the appropriate department, with the option of dispatching staff or involving other areas of the company (Industrial or Quality Control Departments).