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Quimovil, ready for the European Green Deal

To be circular, sustainable, pollution-free and climate neutral is Europe's ambition for 2050 with the European Green Deal. To achieve this, by 2030 it is expected to reduce emissions by at least 55 % compared to 1990 levels. For this, water-based inks are essential. Water-based inks are the most sustainable alternative: they reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact.! The carbon footprint of water-inks is 30-40% lower than that of solvent-solvent inks!

The true potential of water-based ink technology

Do you want to see how to achieve the true potential of water-based ink technology? A decision that meets the objectives of obtaining sustainable profits and high-quality finished products. Share this Quimovil video with anyone you think might be interested! Join the Prethinkink network #weprethinkink

Water-based ink technology a more suistainable solution for flexible packaging

Because the value chain of the PRETHINKINK network ara aware that any change needs to have all the necessary information to resolve your doubts. Film printing on flexible packaging produces great results while being the safer and more sustainable alternative. Not convinced? Meet experienced users of this technology who will share their expertise and answer your questions: Our colleagues SILBO Sp. z o.o.. z o.o. as packaging producer, COMEXI GROUP as machine manufacturer, BASF as raw material supplier, and Quimovil as ink maker, are waiting for you at our ...

La impresión sostenible

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Fanal Pigments for the manufacture of flexo water-based Inks and alternatives

  The main constituents of a flexographic water-based ink are organic polymers, pigments as dying materials, additives and water.  Pigments are substances not soluble in water neither in solvents.   The main properties that can define a pigment are: Hue Cleanliness Colour Strength Bleeding in different solvents including water Temperature stability Light fastness Environmental toxicity Human toxicity Other The pigments most commonly used in the formulation of flexographic water based inks are based in the organic chemistry. Fanal ...


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Biodegradable, compostable packaging .. Do you want to know what the differences are?

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