Inks QUIMO-IRIS for compostable packaging


QUIMOVIL within our commitment to sustainable development and respect for the Environment, we have designed QUIMO-IRIS series of flexographic water based inks for compostable packaging which have obtained the OK-Compost Industrial and OK-Compost Home certification by TÜV-AUSTRIA.  These series of inks serve to decorate a wide range of supports, both for coated or kraft papers and for compostable plastic substrates.


Certificate Ok Compost Home pdf


Certificate Ok Compost Industrial pdf


Compostable containers, once used, can be deposited in the organic trash bin as they are biodegradable. In addition, they can be composted, degraded in a composting plant in contact with the rest of organic waste and returned to nature in the form of compost.


The benefits of using these packs are:


  • reducing urban waste to landfill
  • packaging reuse as fertilizer
  • they can come from renewable raw materials

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