Technical service


“We are experts in providing solutions, with tailored services that meet the current and future needs of our clients”

 QUIMOVIL S.A.’s R&D policy

To satisfy the needs of our clients swiftly and in a personalised manner and anticipate those needs by cooperating with them through advice based on proven experience, and continuous improvement in the system for managing their processes and the behaviour of our inks in the machine (new pigments, cost improvements, industrialisation, training…).

To increase quality and performance for end customers, through a profound knowledge of our clients, adapting to new needs in the printing industry.

R&D and permanent innovation: one step ahead of the market.

“Our hallmark: the personalisation and immediacy of our technical assistance service¨

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE is something that QUIMOVIL pays special attention to, organising them at different action levels:

  • Customer Service Laboratory: the laboratory where clients are provided with direct assistance in resolving their immediate day-to-day problems.
  • Technical assistance related to R&D projects:as an inseparable part of the R&D procedure, technical assistance is included in the adjustment and adaptation of products to the needs of our clients and their printing processes.
  • Technical assistance following customer requests, incidents or complaints:our Technical-Sales Department routes the solution of the potential problem to the necessary department, with the option of dispatching staff or involving other areas of the company (Industrial or Quality Control Departments).

We are experts in colour formulation, water-based inks, silk-screen printing, flexographic and silk-screen printing processes, training of customer staff and advice on matters that have to do with safety and product legislation.

If you have any doubts or problems, our technical staff will help you:

Queries on migration
Environmental queries
Problems related to printing
New product requests
Product comparisons
Advice and training
Testing in printing machines for product adaptation

We have specific laboratories:

Colour laboratory
New product design laboratory
Customer assistance laboratory
Colour laboratory:
We adapt formulas to the specific needs of each client
Reformulation studies for efficiency and cost improvements
Study of new pigments for improving versatility
Database adapted to real customer substrates
Advice on recycling waste ink