Collaborating institutions

In a so fast changeable market as today’s, it is very important to collaborate with machinery manufacturing companies, suppliers of raw materials, research institutes and to belong to professional associations in order to have first-hand information, for legislative, regulatory, technical and marketing purposes.
Quimovil works together with renowned research laboratories such as AIMPLAS in process and product optimization projects.
We are partners of trade associations such as FEDEQUIM, ASEFAPI, AFCO and GRAPHISPACK.
We collaborate in joint projects with companies that manufacture printing machinery such as Barberán, Giave and Comexi.
These collaborations allow us to offer our customer integral solutions for the new challenges we face at economic, quality, environmental and security levels.

Likewise, climate change, population growth and rising pollution levels are putting considerable strain on our planet and resources. In response, more sustainable solutions are required from all areas of business. That’s why BASF is joining forces with pioneers from across the value chain to PRETHINKINK, BASF, COMEXI, GRUPO CONSIST, SILBO, SAUERESSIG, UTECO, FOLLMANN, GRUPO CONSIST, NNZ.. Together with like-minded partners, we want to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for packaging. We are convinced that water-based inks are the future for flexible packaging.