Water-based Barrier Coatings



Committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for packaging, our Water-Based Barrier Coatings are designed to offer barrier properties against water, moisture, and grease, ideal for paper and corrugated cardboard applications through flexography and gravure printing.

Key Benefits:

  • Plastic Replacement: Reduces or replaces the use of plastic materials in various packaging applications.
  • Problematic Product Replacement: Helps eliminate problematic or non-sustainable products.
  • End-of-Life Packaging Focus:
    • Waste Reduction: Designed to minimize environmental impact.
    • Improved Recyclability: Facilitates recycling and repulping, contributing to a circular economy.
    • Compostability: Available options that allow the packaging product to be composted at the end of its life cycle.
  • Heat-Sealable Properties: Offers the possibility of heat sealing, enhancing its versatility in packaging.

Highlighted applications:

  • Water Barrier: Perfect for fruit and seafood boxes, paper cups for beverages (hot and cold), and ice cream containers.
  • Moisture or Water Vapor Barrier: Ideal for sacks or bags containing powdered products like cement, detergents, flour, and sugar.
  • Grease or Oil Barrier: Excellent for fast food packaging, pet food, and any packaging containing greasy foods.

Direct food contact:

Some coatings are specially designed for direct contact with food, provided that an appropriate substrate is used. Consult our information document to learn about the specific regulations each reference complies with.

Advancing the green deal
At QUIMOVIL, we believe in the importance of advancing towards more ecological and sustainable solutions. With our Water-Based Barrier Coatings, we not only improve packaging functionality but also contribute to environmental protection.