Additives: cleaning products
A highly efficient product for cleaning implements used for printing with water-based inks. It easily removes all traces of ink without damaging the anilox and rubber rollers, clichés, etc.
Additives: pH correctors
In long production runs, the ink pH is gradually reduced by the evaporation of the amines, increasing the drying speed and diminishing the quality of the print. pH correctors increase the pH of the inks to the optimum levels required for correct printing.
Additives: Solvents
When printing with water-based flexographic inks, it is often necessary to add solvents to accelerate drying or drying retardants, to ensure correct printing.
Additives: Anti-foam agents
The high shearing stress to which the inks are subjected during the printing process generate a large quantity of foam inside them, which may give rise to problems related to pumping and overflowing of inkwells, leading to printing faults.
Additives: Waxes
A product that improves resistance to wear, reduces the coefficient of friction (COF) and also improves resistance to blocking.
Additives: Antitrapping
A product recommended to solve trapping problems, especially in printing texts on backgrounds or in four-colour printing.   Request samples and information

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